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Why promote Mentoring through film?



Part of the COMSATforHOPE effort!

Why a Feature Film?  What better way for a non profit to teach students to be creative, learning new skills, while developing their empathy and compassion? And what better way to teach them to strive for their dreams because that's where inspiration is born that creates solutions for problems they see in their communities. In sharing the opportunity to make the story happen through film, together we make a difference. That's just in making the movie! Imagine what we can do when the story is ready to be shared! We invite you to be part of our team!

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The Educare Foundation, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit, encouraging hearts to care through media, music and educational missions.

Outdoor Market Season Starts in Woodstock

May 1st! Til then, find us at:

Woodstock Indoor One more market indoors April 21! 

9-1:00PM County Fair Grounds Building D on Country Club Road! 

Huntley   Indoor   Market 9-1PM

One more Saturday May 5!  

Great Lakes Farmer's Market!

Racine WI every Sunday at Milaeger's inside at Douglas Ave, 10AM-2PM!

Coffee Mill Fontana WI! Great selection everyday during open hours! 

Riverside Chocolate Factory McHenry!  Newly Stocked!!  Special requests available.

Don't see a spot near you? Email here or Call! 


COMMUNITY MUSIC SCIENCE ART TALENT for HOPE! Together we can make so much good happen!

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The Educare Foundation, Inc. 

a 501c3 non profit, encouraging

hearts  to grow and to care

through media, music and

educational missions!   

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